by Thomas Vielgut

Do you want to see something really innovative? Take a look at FCAN,
a Danish electro phenomenon promoted by the arty indie label Tambourhinoceros.

FCAN is a conceptual multi-media project created by Mensch Matsumoto.

Whether his name is based on a half German/half Japanese origin is unknown, but what is known is his love for early 90s techno and house, which in the case of FCAN is the reference point for a new and advanced version of the electronic sound of that era.
Matsumoto’s fascination for the oldschool sound has produced nothing less than a new genre, called “1991_INTELLIGENT_TEKKNO_MUSIC“, apparently always typed with mandatory capital letters and underscores.

This “new” style of music was made public last year with the release of the audio-visual album, “RPEX” that combined oldschool vinyl as release form with the software program “FCAN_RPEX_VIEWER” which plays the entire album as a music video: One of the more remarkable choices, as it puts innovation before traditional means of exposure.
The ever innovative Björk has broken the barriers already with the release of her latest album “Biophilia” which was made available exclusively as an interactive app album, and Matsumoto soon after followed up by re-releasing “RPEX” as an app for iPad and iPhone.

Visually, FCAN is probably mostly known for having applied a man-sized wooden doll on stage, which is used as backdrop for Matsumoto’s visuals that revolve around morphing objects and TV colorbars. Matsumoto insists that FCAN is not just a musical project but a conceptual world of music, sounds and visuals, plus its own unique type of text and track titles (e.g. “NCOF”, “GSKA” and “RCEL”) all consisting of 4 capital letters.

Overall, whether it’s about genre or availability, FCAN’s biggest strength is also its most important weakness: It is packed with innovation to a point where it gets almost incompatible with the music business as we know it, which is why this has caught my attention.
The question is ultimately whether FCAN is a retro concept ahead of its time or whether it’s simply incompatible and out-of-date according to the present in 2012. Or both?
In any case there is no way around having an opinion about this so I highly recommend you go and see for yourself.

For sights and sounds, go to: http://www.fcanspace.com or Itunes
FCAN’s Youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/quackstate


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