DJ Lue Cantrell

DJ Lue Cantrell is one of Europes Finest House DJs currently playing in Vienna, Salzburg and Barcelona.

Lue “The Funk” Cantrell was born in 1983 in the suburbs of Vienna. He fell in love and started making music at the age of 13.

Lue was fascinated of the funky 60ies and 70ies as well as progressive, spherical house beats and sounds. He created his own style by combining elements from the 60ies with nowadays electronic beats. He earned a lot of respect from the crowd and his fan community was getting bigger and bigger.

Now he is well known as a high-class Dj with brilliant technical skills in scratching and mixing and plays his funked-up progressive sound all around of Austria, Slovenia, Germany, Slovakia and Spain.

Brandnew Produced by Lue Cantrell FROM THE DEEP – listen to this

DJ Lue Cantrell booking requests ==>

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