Ein Gespräch mit DJ Tom Silver

Kennt ihr das Gefühl? Man steht in einem Club, geile Musik, die Stimmung ist am eskalieren und den DJ kennt man nur vom Hörensagen. So ging es mir bei meinem ersten Treffen mit DJ Tom Silver Anfang März. Ich dachte mir: „Wie oft habe ich ihn schon gesehen und gehört… und jetzt sitzt er mir gegenüber.“ Heute sitze ich wieder neben ihm, trinke ein Bierchen und wir plaudern für seine Vergangenheit.

Der Traum DJ zu werden

Anno 1989: Vom Fenster seines Elternhauses war das Jugendzentrum „Blaike“ in Sichtweite. Dort fanden jeden Sonntag sogenannte „5-Uhr-Tee“ statt, eine Jugenddisco für 12-18jährige in Völs. Nicht nur Stammgast, sondern begeistert vom damals unantastbaren DJ fasste Tom Silver den Entschluss: „Das mache ich auch.“

Mit 16 Jahren hat er seine ersten drei Lehrlingsgehälter eisern zusammengespart und sich seinen ersten Plattenspieler gekauft. Zur der damaligen Zeit war das Maß aller Dinge ein „Technics 1210“, darunter durfte es für ihn nichts anderes sein. In Oldschool-Manier eignete er sich selbst/selber das Mixen (= Beatmatch) an.



 Der erste Auftritt

Hollywood – Innsbruck 1993: Wieder ein „5-Uhr-Tee“, heutzutage ein Club vergleichbar mit dem Empire, legte Tom Silver zum ersten Mal öffentlich auf. Vor lauter Nervosität blickte er das erste Mal nach einer halben Stunde auf den Floor. Sein bester Freund aus Jugendzeit sagte: „Schau, was da abgeht.“ Tobende Masse, Leute auf den Tischen und den Bars. Ein bewegender Moment für den jungen Silver.

Erste Schritte in Wien

2000 zog Tom nach Wien. Als Resident DJ verbrachte zuvor er einige Jahre in Innsbruck, Dornbirn (Stern), Italien (La Murin) und Schweiz (Arena, Chateau). In Wien legte er zu Beginn im Cube und in der Sansibar auf. 2002 hat ihn das P1 als Resident angeheuert. Seit 2004 ist er Resident DJ in der Babenberger Passage, wo er fast jeden Mittwoch einheizt.

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DJ Lue Cantrell

DJ Lue Cantrell is one of Europes Finest House DJs currently playing in Vienna, Salzburg and Barcelona.

Lue “The Funk” Cantrell was born in 1983 in the suburbs of Vienna. He fell in love and started making music at the age of 13.

Lue was fascinated of the funky 60ies and 70ies as well as progressive, spherical house beats and sounds. He created his own style by combining elements from the 60ies with nowadays electronic beats. He earned a lot of respect from the crowd and his fan community was getting bigger and bigger.

Now he is well known as a high-class Dj with brilliant technical skills in scratching and mixing and plays his funked-up progressive sound all around of Austria, Slovenia, Germany, Slovakia and Spain.

Brandnew Produced by Lue Cantrell FROM THE DEEP – listen to this

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DJ Igor Drago

Igor was born in St. Petersburg, Russia. His father was engineer and mother musician and director of St. Petersburg Philharmonic Orchestra. Since the early childhood he was influenced by different music genres, starting from classic to electronic.

Already in young years he discovered his passion for Djing. As he was 12 his grandfather gave him a double-deck recorder as a gift, which Igor used in a very unusual way. Every week he listened to famous European and Russian DJs, which have been broadcasted on Russian radio stations, and after that he tried to create something similar by recording tracks on a cassette without any gaps. These tapes were very popular at school parties but surely not comparable to professional DJ-sets.

At the age of 14 a new computerized era has begun for Igor. With his first computer he also had his first mixing but also first sequencing software, such as Cakewalk. He started to produce his own electronic music.

In Y2K he moved to Vienna, Austria and finally bought his first professional DJ-equipment. During his school years in Austria Igor founded an online journal, which brought fresh daily news mainly from music and nightlife scene.
In 2006 he made his Bachelor of Arts on SAE Institute in Vienna. Already during his study he started to work as freelancer in different multimedia spheres, such as audio & video editing, print and web design, sound design etc.

In 2007 Igor launched an iTunes podcast, where he mixes new house and trance music, upcoming hot club tracks, and unforgettable classics. Highlight of this activity was collaboration with German Online-Radio BASH.FM, which broadcast episodes of it.

  • What is bass?

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DJ Ayminho

Ayminho was born in the beautiful capital city of Austria, Vienna in 1990.

The passion for Music started at a very early stage of his life, even before he started his school life. Ayminho used to listen to all different music that came across his hands, regardless the music type, or whether it is new or old. The more he listened to music, the more he got connected to it.

By the age of 12, he started to meet djs and some people who were involved in the music industry. Later at the age of 14, he had his first djing experience by playing for around 1 hour at a private event.

In 2005, he got the best birthday gift, which was an entire set of djing equipments. Hence, he started practising and trying all the kind of music that he ever knew. Finally, he decided to carry on with black and Arabic music.

In the spring of 2008, he had his very first club booking in Vienna, where he played black and arabic music all night long. Regardless the fact that the crowed was satisfied and pleased by his performance, he had to take a break due to personal reasons. Therefore, he decided to take a break. Meanwhile, he spent his time rethinking about his music style and refining his collection of music and improving his skills. He even changed his djing name.

At 2009, he realised that his biggest passion was for electronic music. Therefore, he released his first podcast “Ayminho is here”, which was a big break for him at that time. It got about 600 plays in a very short time. Right after the success of his podcast, he got his first booking as an electronic music dj. Every booking was followed by another booking, which was a strong motivation to release other podcasts at a later stage.

Ayminho believes that djing is way more then just playing music. He believes that a successful dj has to sense and understand the crowds and their movements and should play the right track in the right moment in the right venue.

Furthermore, he believes that the best motivation and stimulus for a dj is to have ever-moving active party people.

References: Moulin Rouge (Gold Club), Club Tresor (Market), Pheonix Supperclub, Club Galerie, Club Couture, Lutz – der Club, Volksgarten, S Club (Oil Club), Ride Club, Club Full Moon

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DJ Francesco Sparacello

Francesco Sparacello ( born November 16,1982, Lodi ), is an italian disc jockey (DJ), producer and remixer.

Totally self-taught, starts his musical career creating his first single, realised in April 2002, ”Not Connected-in my room” which was successfully carried out in summer,becoming part of many compilations.

In 2003 he signed the success of Italian dj Luca Zeta “I’ll be good to you” that will reamain in classification for many weeks in the rankings of italian dance radio.

In the same year he starts a collaboration with the producer Matteo
Cifelli in the fastermaster study of Milan.

From 2005 until 2007 he becomes a collaborater of the sound engineer of  the festivalbar Marcello Catalano. In 2009 Francesco Sparacello and DJ Morgan Cardinale create a group
under the pseudonym ” No M3rcy” and produces the track ”Wunna be”. The track was very successful and allows the definitive promotion in the circuit of the ”Big” the DJ Cristian Marchi with whom Francesco Sparacello collaborates for the remix.
In 2010 colaborates with the italian producer Nicolò Fragile and realizes the music for an advertisment of fastweb. Always with Fragile collaborates in the realisation of the album ”Di me” of the singer Luca Napolitano, promoted by the tv program ”Amici”.

In 2011 produces the track ”Supavibe-fashion”which takes part of the world classification of beatport on the twelfth position. Always in 2011 he remixes unufficially Adele’s song ”Rolling in the deep”, which was discovered by the greek DJ Mihalis Safras.The remix goes to the programmation of hogh rotation of the greek radios with a great success.

In 2012 under the name of ”S.A.Z.E” produces an E.P which will be released in collaboration with the ”Viper” records, very famous label in the dubstep\breakbeat category.

Francesco Sparacello is also a holder of the discographic label ”Club Soda recordings” in which he produced the progressive house album ”Where is the business?”.

In the autumn 2012 under the name of ”No M3rcy” and the american singer Marcus Marshall produces the track ”Hypnotize”, which has entered in the circuit of the radio networks and it takes part of the dance chart classification on the tv channel MTV.

Genre: House – Progressive house
Name: Francesco Sparacello – No M3rcy – S.A.Z.E dubstep

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